Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday again with Sean at the hospital

We stayed with Sean until 3 am this morning and then went home to get a little rest. His oxygen dropped to 59 last night after the nurse moved him around and a few other things were done. When we arrived home the nurse told me he was stable when I called and then this morning I called again and his oxygen was back up to 97. His mother and I went to see him a little later then normal because we were still tired from such a long night. Linda, Seans brothers wifes mother was visiting Sean when we arrived. Linda also told us her other daughter and her boyfriend had came to see Sean early today also. Shortly after the nurse needed to do an assessment and we went out of the room a few. When we returned Sean was resting and his mother and I sat with him until around seven in the evening. We had to leave for the nurses shift change and in the amount of time we had been here I never saw his day nurse which kind of made me angry. When we returned from dinner Sean had a fever of 102. which he did not have at around four p.m.. His stats were a little off and they had dropped his sedation so his blood pressure would stabilize. His heart rate was around 141 which is high and he was with fever when we left so his uncle Bob and cousin Sarah could visit him. It is now eleven in the evening and we are going to go spend a little more time with Sean before going home to get some rest. I will update as I have more.

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